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Stephen Turoff 36

For those unable to visit him in person, Stephen offers distance healing. By psychically attuning to an individual, a couple, a business or a family, he is able to send powerful currents of healing energy.

Recipients of this healing force have reported notable changes, including pain relief, improved relationships, shifts in consciousness and other positive life changes.

Distance healing offerings are either for 30 days from the date of your booking or you may prefer ongoing healing. If this is your first time we recommend selecting the 30 day option initially to see how the process works for you.

Please put any names, if the healing is not for yourself and any specific details for Stephen in the additional notes on the checkout page when you order. Alternatively you can email this information over.

You may also email or send us a photograph with the name and condition of the individual needing healing, this will aid the process.

Please ensure that you have the permission of the recipient of the healing before signing them up to distance healing.

You are also welcome to email in any pictures or any updates during the course of the treatment.

Our email address is

Please note: Purchase of this product includes automatic sign up to MoE mailing list. Unsubscription is available at any time.

Please note that Stephen does not guarantee a cure or any specific outcome and that he is not a substitute for a medical or any professional practitioner. We do however receive many positive results from clients from Stephen’s healing.

To book please select one of our offerings below – click on the image for more info.