Distance Healing

Will last for 30 days from the date of your booking. Please select plan suitable.

Will last until cancelled, discounts applied for ongoing healing. Please select suitable plan.

For those unable to visit him in person, Stephen offers distance healing. By psychically attuning to an individual, he is able to send powerful currents of healing energy. Recipients of this healing force have reported notable changes, including pain relief, improved relationships, shifts in consciousness and other positive life changes.


Distance healing is sent daily for 30 days from the date of your booking. You may also select ongoing healing if you wish, though we recommend a one month trial for to see how the process progresses for you. 

Please put any names, if the healing is not for yourself and any specific details for Stephen in the booking notes when you order. 

You are welcome to e-mail in any pictures or updates during the course of your treatment to: info@ministrymoe.org

We're currently offering an invitation to our daily remote meditation light circles with all online healings.

The Coach House,
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