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Ministry of Enlightenment


Emma is a Meditation, Mindset and Lifestyle Mentor. She teaches body/life synergy with reset the mindset, posture, meditation, sound and breath work, internationally to individuals and groups alike.

All focus brings about clearing, restoration, expansion and transformation allowing you to live your individual life to its full potential, by opening your possibilities, freedom and health. Emma has developed an amazing unique technique Polarity Navigation which she combines with Silent Counselling, liberating minds of imprints and habitual behaviours.

Emma’s extra-curricular activities include Yoga, Songwriting, Writing, a passion for productivity, vibrancy and peace. Multi-faceted Charitable ventures both in UK and abroad including a homeless soup kitchen and advocacy work at MOE. Emma has been working at MOE for ten years, inspiring thousands from all over the world on their healing and transformational journey.

Emma Goldie Healing