Light Circles

Upcoming Events

London Light Circles 2020 @ 1:30pm 

8th June, 13th Jul, 10th Aug, 7th Sept, 12th Oct, 9th Nov, 7th Dec.

Little Baddow, Chelmsford Light Circles 2020 @ 1:00pm

27th June, 31st Jul, 29th Aug, 25th Sept, 28th Nov, 21st Dec.

Distant Circle - All dates and times available above.

For further enquiries, please contact us on:

07708 685958

Stephen Turoff is renowned for his ability to connect with high vibrational divine light energies. In this healing light circle, the potential for progression on many levels is enhanced greatly.​ The group setting intensifies the experience.

The benefits and healing potential of this subtle light energy have been experienced by thousands throughout the world with life enhancing results. The energy is very fine and works on the higher aspects of each individual, at a rate which they can integrate, to support the individual’s healing.​

You will not need to attend but you will need to send us a picture that we place in your chosen Circle. Send to in good time for your session. NB: You will need to be able to sit or lie somewhere quiet for the 45min duration of the Light Circle for optimum healing.

The healing process may continue for some time afterwards, so we request that ongoing quiet time for self is available daily where possible.​

The Coach House,
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