The Online Darshan will be a 90 minute group session which will include a talk by Stephen, a guided meditation or practice to help intensify and raise the level of energy before receiving Darshan through Stephen.

Darshan is the blessing of the Master who transfers the divine energy through Shaktipat. The transmission of high frequency waves can happen with a word, a mantra, a touch, a look. The purpose of the event is to raise the awareness of the individual. Darshan literally means DIVINE INSIGHT. It is about opening a channel for cosmic light, which we can keep open later through regular meditation, mantras and prayer. Darshan takes place in silence.

During these uncertain times we are able to use technology to bring the Darshan into the comfort of your own homes and receive great blessings.

Online Darshan

    The Coach House,
    CM3 4BX
    Tel: 01245 348325

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