An Interactive Online Workshop with Stephen Turoff which will include course materials, practices and the final initiation, known as Diksha in sanskrit, into the Queen of all Mantras.

You will be receiving a Jagrit (alive) Mantra, which means its potency and transformative power has already been awakened and experienced by an enlightened master.

It now is being shared to others to further assist you in awakening dormant latent power and consciousness. This power as some of you may know lies dormant at the base of the human spine.
It is this energy that propels the evolutionary process towards its final goal of liberation and enlightenment.


You will be receiving a Mantra from someone who has fully awakened it and still practices it to this very day:


  • Latest scientific information will be provided to demonstrate the effects and results of practicing this ancient Mantra. 
  • Studies undertaken with this ancient sound of creation which is known as the Mother of all Mantras will be shared.
  • A staggered action plan to follow through with a daily practice to further unfold your energy and intelligence will be provided.
  • Information that has never been shared before will be given to help re-invigorate people to persevere and stick to their spiritual practice with great resolve. 
  • Explanation of the various Siddhis (spiritual powers) attainable through the practice of this great sound. 
  • The Mantra will include the long-form Gayatri Mantra which is not known or practiced by the vast majority of spiritual aspirants.

Online Gayatri Initiation Workshop 2021

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