Are you finding that whatever you try to balance your lifestyle, that it’s just not working? 

This 1-1 session will help you Polarise your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions to be in Highest Alignment.


Polarity Navigation is an integrated system of: 


  • Self-care and alignment techniques
  • Activating and restorative meditations and visualisations
  • Core values and principles of Yoga
  • Non-invasive meridian therapy (also known as silent counselling)
  • One to one highlighting and balancing of any blockages through bio feedback
  • Lifestyle navigation to ensure that all techniques can be drawn on in life at the perfect time in the best way


The combination of techniques rebuilds neural pathways to support new habits and new ways of seeing and acting on things in the world around us. This new foundation underpins more potential for us by way of what becomes available for or attracted towards us.


Why Polarity Navigation is so important…


Sometimes in life we drift about navigating life by avoiding feelings or situations or throwing ourselves into other arenas as a distraction, when there’s either unresolved imprints or characteristic traits which hold us back from living the life we truly deserve. These pattens often started before we remember and we can rewire the misfire to reprogramme the system to overcome the malfunctioning loops.


Finding alignment through both intention and action is key. But you also need to create the perfect conditions for yourself to thrive and for the actions to manifest. This focus ensures that you can be in a more permanent state of conscious flow utilising the law of attraction, rather than being at the whim of the unconscious.


1 session will last up to 30 mins on an online zoom platform. Available to book Tuesday & Thursdays (please select date/time BST from drop down) and you will recieve booking confrimation and zoom link.


Please note this coaching is 1-1 with Emma Goldie.

Reset Your Mindset - 1-1 Coaching

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