Gayatri Mantra (Long-form) Soundtrack


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The Great Gayatri Mantra Soundtrack is now available on our website as a download.

It has been digitally remastered in a professional sound studio in the presence of Stephen Turoff.

This 40 minute recording has the long-form Gayatri Mantra in Stephen’s own booming voice, embedded with soothing angelic background music to help create a spiritual ambience. 

We have received feedback about the mantra that it contains almost palpable energy and helps cleanse the surrounding environment. Many people feel the energy this soundtrack generates when played for the whole 40 minutes. It contains 108 repetitions of this Great Sound Current of Creation.

It is an ideal tool to listen to as you meditate or to have running in the background as you attend to other things and even as you fall asleep.

Absorb the healing and uplifting energy of the Great Gayatri Mantra.