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Ministry of Enlightenment


“…my religion is human values…”

Stephen started his career as a carpenter but had an obvious gift for healing. As a result of  his immense discipline, natural passion and down to earth approach, the intensity of his healing power increased.

Now, with over forty years experience Stephen is a renowned spiritual healer and psychic surgeon who has successfully healed thousands of individuals all over the world. From a young age, Stephen was gifted with incredible powers, though he worked as a carpenter until the age of forty when a divine voice prompted him to give up that trade in order to work exclusively as a healer. Thirty years later, Stephen is one of the most powerful and respected healers on the planet with a remarkable track-record for transforming the health and well-being of his patients. He regularly works abroad as well as running clinics in London and Essex.

Alongside his healing work, Stephen offers courses on meditation and kriya yoga. He has guided the spiritual development of countless individuals and is widely regarded as an enlightened master. Notwithstanding his great wisdom and healing ability, Stephen is a charming and down-to-earth man with a friendliness and humour that instantly makes people feel at ease. 

Stephen Turoff 39