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“I would not have evolved and be the person that I am today without the continual Love, Light, guidance, healings and unwavering support from Stephen. I am in total gratitude for all that Stephen has done and given me”.

-Harriet Fairbank, UK


“Meeting Stephen Turoff, a master with full and permanent connection with God, is one of the best things that can happen to you. For me it was a life changing experience. Literally. So, if you ever have a chance to get in contact with him, take it. Grab it! It is the gift of God to you.”

-Špela Kryžanowski, Slovenia


“Stephen Turoff is a master who has attained a higher level of consciousness and works with immeasurably pure love and with the power of light. He teaches us by his example. And being around him, we get so many other things that we are not even aware of. When I meet him, I feel immense happiness and a feeling of: “Oh, I’m home now”. It helps to strengthen the physical body and the spirit and thus the quality of life is also changing. I have been following him for over a decade. Stephen, thank you!”

-Nevenka Šurbek – Slovenia


“He knows everything about you and loves you the way you are. He is always next to you but doesn’t prevent you from getting your own experiences. Manifestation of his Essence is much stronger than his personality and his personality is one of the greatest in the world. Words will never describe Stephen, you better get your personal experience with him and with no doubt you will get what you need.”

-Anastasiya, UK


“I’ve known Stephen for about 18 years. He is my guardian angel, guide, teacher, healer, a gift from God. I owe him very, very much. For me it is a grace of God that I was guided towards him. He is my compass. I am allowed through his teachings and training to grow every day and to experience the divine in me more and more. He also supported my children and led me through some very difficult times. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for this grace. Even if the content of the seminars was sometimes very complex for the mind, my heart could always understand, and I was always convinced of the truth of his words. I also know that I can only guess how close Stephen is to God because there are no words to describe it. I thank him for all the experiences that he shares with us and for the opportunity that I can follow along his way.”

-Maria, Switzerland


“Thank you dear Stephen for travelling through the lives with us, for supporting and healing us. I wish you all the best.”

-Ana, Slovenia