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CHELMSFORD HEALING CLINIC – Individual healing session with Stephen at our Chelmsford Clinic. Stephen works intensely in the sessions for up to 15 minutes.


ONLINE HEALING – These sessions are longer and more intensive then the Virtual Healing Clinic. Stephen spends time to engage and support through discussion, exercises, transmission and healing as suitable for your condition. These sessions will take place on an online platform ‘Zoom’.

VIRTUAL HEALING CLINIC –  Run in a similar way to the physical clinics, the Virtual Clinic will run from an online platform ‘Zoom’, where there will be a waiting room. These sessions work quickly as Stephen works intensely on you.

VIRTUAL AT HOME WITH STEPHEN – Stephen’s Sunday At Home sessions aim to enlighten you as he covers a range of lifestyle integration, effective clearing and balancing techniques. The sessions include discussion and mediation on an online group platform ‘Zoom’.

may, 2023